“The Ministry of Public Bible Reading” Training Manual

A comprehensive, engaging and practical resource to equip Bible readers in every aspect of this vital ministry. Simon Camilleri has poured over 20 years of experience, training, reflection and research into this book. A perfect resource for individuals, Bible reading teams or even an entire church to go through to learn how to publicly read God’s word with clarity, comprehension, conviction and confidence.

“I highly recommend Simon’s ministry of Public Bible Reading to individuals, churches, and other ministries, not just because of the effect his teaching has had in my own life, but also because of the excellence of his inspiration and instruction.

Simon’s book will be coming out soon, and every reciter, reader, and church leader should get a copy! It is a fairly quick read, intensely practical, and absolutely full of advice and wisdom to help the average Bible reader present God’s Word effectively, with both reverence and power.

The six units will guide the reader to prepare a selected passage through the 3 C’s of Bible reading: clarity, comprehension, and conviction. These 3 C’s work together to bring the reader to the final C: confidence. This confidence is not meant to come from the skillset a reader has honed through the exercises found in this book, but from the God who wrote the book.

As Simon eloquently puts it, ‘God is the one who wants to communicate His word to His people, more than you ever will. It is His word. He breathed it into existence. He inspired the writers. He protected it over the millennia. He gathered a people for Himself. He brought people—both those that know Him and those that don’t—into the church for this very moment. And now as you step up to the microphone, Scripture passage in hand, you are simply serving the meal that God has already prepared’.”

— Rachel Eernisse, Scripture Speakers

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