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Equipping you to read God’s word with CLARITY, COMPREHENSION, CONVICTION & CONFIDENCE.

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“Simon’s great workshop will markedly improve our public Bible reading and gave an excellent framework for all who are involved in this important ministry. He rightly elevated the place of Scripture reading and strengthened the impact of those who walk up to the pulpit to read aloud.” Pastor Tony Archer, Woori Yallock Presbyterian

“Simon is convicted and passionate about the public reading of Scripture and this was evident as he did the readings at a recent KCC conference. The Bible is living and active and Simon reads it in a way that reflects this. This is matched by his humble servant attitude making it a pleasure to serve alongside him.” L-T Hopper, Director of Content and Church Partnerships, Katoomba Christian Convention

“I highly recommend Simon’s ministry of Public Bible Reading to individuals, churches, and other ministries, not just because of the effect his teaching has had in my own life, but also because of the excellence of his inspiration and instruction. Simon’s book will be coming out soon, and every reciter, reader, and church leader should get a copy! It is a fairly quick read, intensely practical, and absolutely full of advice and wisdom to help the average Bible reader present God’s Word effectively, with both reverence and power.”Rachel Eernisse, Scripture Speakers

“Simon Camilleri’s performance of Romans chapter 8 was an incredible gift that lifted our gaze to the magnificence of God’s saving grace. With a profound connection to the text and a genuine love for Jesus, Simon soared through the powerful passage, evoking a sense of reverence and unity. His sincere, imaginative, and passionate delivery captivated every heart and soul in the room.”Guy Mason, Senior Pastor, City on a Hill

“Public reading of Scripture is a vital component of church life and outreach. The task should be approached with reverence and care as the Lord’s word is living and active, and needs to be read with understanding, empathy and conviction. I hope Simon’s work reaches many, many people and may God bless this ministry.” – Kanishka Raffel, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney


Simon Camilleri interviewed on The Pastor’s Heart about Public Bible Reading
Interviewed by Josh Summers from Bible Memory Goal about memorising and performing Scripture
Audio of Interview on The Pastor’s Heart (32min)
Audio of Interviewed on Bible Memory Goal (30min)
Radio interview on Hope 103.2 (6min)

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The Ministry of Public Bible Reading

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