Epic Readings

Epic Bible Readings” are a public reading of an entire book of the Bible (or at least a large section).

They are a fantastic way of engaging people with the whole context of Scripture rather than just the small bite sized chunks that we usually get on a Sunday service.


Epic Bible Reading at Your Church

Before we break up a book of the Bible for a sermon series or Bible study, it is a very helpful practice to firstly read through the entire book in one sitting. I call this an Epic Bible Reading…

How to Organise an Epic Bible Reading

You may be thinking, there’s no way your congregation will be able to sit through such a long Bible reading. If that’s actually true then it’s a sad reflection of our culture—one worth trying to change… 

The Gospel of John

Simon Camilleri is hoping to tour a reading of the whole Gospel of John in various cities across Australia in late 2024.



The Book of Job


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